About Me

No hiding from it, I am a geek. I have worked in the IT for the last 29 years. I have worked in the healthcare industry, banking, government, .com and IoT. My roles have been just as diverse. Coder, networking, web development, dev ops and management. Jack-of-all trades, master of none.

Photo Credit: Brittany Jacobsen

Presently I’m a Software Engineer Manager/Technical Manager overseeing four projects for a Denver based government contractor.

In my spare time, my wife, three children, three dogs and three cats live in the Tampa, FL area. If I’m not working, being a husband or a dad, I’m probably doing one of the following:

  • Photography (if you would like to see some of that…. click here)
  • Cycling
  • Reading
  • Cooking
  • Learning some new technology 😎

Why a blog? Why not! I feel like I have a lot of experience spanning several different areas of interest. If I can make someones google search provide some better hints at how to solve a problem – that’s great!